Deck Name: Nightmare Before Christmas
Created by: Our Daily Magic
Published by: Self-published

Fandom decks are often very niche and I have thought they only appealed to the super fan.  I was surprised to find this wasn’t the case. My knowledge of the Nightmare Before Christmas deck would be considered average, I have seen it about 6 times. I enjoy the story of The Pumpkin King who tries to be Santa Claus and the mishaps along the way but I don’t have it committed to memory. I will say that having a basic familiarity of the story and characters added to my enjoyment of the deck without questioning every card element. As this is the 25th anniversary of the film, I’m sure it will be easy to locate.

One of the drawbacks of this deck is that the imagery does get a little repetitive with such a limited cast of characters. Even with the lack of diversity in the characters, the scene selections worked remarkably well with the tarot meanings. Someone on the Our Daily Magic team definitely has a good grasp of the Rider-Waite-Smith imagery.

I will say that I was amused by the imagery on some of the cards. The selection of Santa with his list as Judgement, reminds me of the days hoping that I had been good enough to be on the “nice list.”  (I have a younger sibling, we were often not nice to each other.) The 2 of Cups I thought was creepy and ironic. The 2 of Cups is about the marriage of equals that create something that is greater than its individual parts. Dr. Finklestein creates his bride and gives her a portion of his brain. So their marriage brings the two halves of his brain together. I’m sure it’s a perfect union in his mind…err, minds. Having Oogie Boogie as The Moon is brilliant. The Moon often appears to be nice but really it hides the creepy and wild things in the shadows.

Guidebook: I appreciate the thought behind providing a printed guidebook with the deck. The print on my copy looks to be a size 8 though, which makes reading this very challenging. The card meanings appear to be pretty generic and could be applied to any tarot deck, which makes the information useful but I’d find it more useful as a digital book or even printed on larger pages.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think this is a deck that I will use all that often. That being said, it is not one that I will be gifting to anyone anytime soon either.

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