About Us

When people ask me about Indie Deck Review I usually ask if they have a few minutes, because there’s just so much to say. IDR began as an idea for my own website, just a page featuring independently made decks being crowdfunded or available for pre-order. The more I thought about it, the less it seemed to work in the context I was trying to force it into. Indie Decks just deserved more than a page. I wanted a place to showcase the hard work of the indie creator, to give them a place to be heard and seen and promoted.

Early in the summer of 2018, I began thinking of a website that was only indie decks, indie creators. A website with articles and interviews, features on independently published divination books. I made a mental list of the people that I tuned into each day on my own social media sites or in real life, people that taught through their own enthusiasm, and people that I wanted to hear more from. I asked them if they’d be interested in joining my team, to review their own decks and share their content with the site. I asked them if they wanted to build this giant thing together. They each said yes. Suddenly, I had a team. Holy shit…we had a team. It happened in three days.

Then, I bought the domain name.  I set up social media accounts. I posted our first 8 Card Review. And we just exploded from there. Together, we’ve created a cohesive voice in our community while maintaining our own unique styles. We’re only just beginning, and I’m already having trouble remembering a time when we didn’t have this resource. We’ve already made a difference to creators.

We are a team of diviners. Readers with thirty years of experience, and readers with only a few years of real study. Some of us are forever learning (really it’s all of us), and some of us are already teaching. We find the unconventional beauty and bravery of an independently made deck irresistible. We can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of a crowdfunding campaign. The creation of a deck through Instagram photos, and creator insights along the way, is how we spend our evenings. The creator we haven’t seen before providing new visual interpretations of a card we’ve seen hundreds of times is definitely the thing we talk about the most when we’re together. We are Seers and Mystics, Fortune Tellers and Cardslingers, Skeptics and Believers. 

We are here because we need a space for this art, and we think you’re here for the same thing.