Twin Flame Ascension: Take Me Home Oracle

Deck Name: Twin Flame Ascension Take Me Home Oracle Deck
Creator(s): Dr Harmony (Creator), Tatiana Hassan (Illustrator)
Publisher & Year: U.S. Games Systems, INC., 2021
Instagram: @twinflameexpert

I asked the deck:  What is this melancholy? It’s like a yearning for a life this body has never lived or a desire to return to a place I’ve never known. I looked up as I shuffled. It was 11:11.

Deck Objective

I don’t often vibe with Twin Flame anything. It’s usually endless pastel colors and people immediately turning their attention outside of themselves yearning for their special someone. Being someone whose manifestation starts and ends with my own thoughts and actions, I paused when this desk was described as follows:

“Twin flame ascension is a self-actualization process that begins when your inner  soul-self becomes activated through a spiritual awakening.”  …and to find real self-love and align with your life purpose. Who doesn’t want that? I kept reading. The eleven steps in this journey will help you “understand more about your personal process” and allow you to ”change perception and embrace fulfillment in all areas of life.” You’ll do this by accomplishing major life lessons, soul evolution, balancing inner masculine and inner feminine energies to create oneness with divine source energy. It just so happens this also allows you to have meaningful relationships and attract abundance across all areas of life.

Cards, Structure, and Guidebook

I stared at the 55 nearly square 3.5” x 4” cards of the expected mass market sturdiness with semi-gloss finish and wondered how they would take me there.  After following the suggested evening on my windowsill and a quick prayer, I got to shuffling. If the ease of fit in the hand any way I held it was any indication, I guessed I just needed to get started.

The cards are numbered from 1:1 to 11:11 in the tradition of angel numbers, repeated digits each holding special significance. The deck is split into five eleven-card suits, color coded by Key Objectives as noted in the 108 pg guidebook.  While I was happy to see these too avoided pastels, it took seeing the cool autumnal tones in daylight to easily tell similar ones apart from each other at a glance.  It took contrasting the colors, Slate, Aqua, and Olive as well as laying Red and Amber (both edging towards the rust side of the family) side by side in low light for me to be able to distinguish them when we were first getting acquainted.  Sunlight rather than candle light straightened me out.

Slate (gray) – 11 Powerful Life Lessons That Will Expedite Your Ascension Process

Aqua (close to a forest green) – 11 Steps in the Take Me Home Ascension Pathway

Red (between rust and dark red) – 11 Principles to Come Into Alignment with Yourself and Find True Love

Olive (cool grey green) – 11 Courtships That Will Facilitate Your Soul’s Expansion

Amber (burnt orange) – 11 Activation Codes That Will Accelerate Your Ascension

Beyond the upper and lower colored borders, each card offers a brief description of the number as expressed in the suit, which makes reading a piece of cake. For example 8:8 in the Red Suit (Principles to Come Into Alignment) is Path of Least Resistance, Choose Ease and Grace.

The vivid artwork of Tatiana Hassan taps into the tradition of circular mandalas, using sacred geometry and wide ranges of color and design to dazzle the eyes and transmit the desired frequency of the card. I found them lovely, mesmerizing or jarring depending on my mood and alignment with the message.


In addition to several layouts in the guide book’s, this addition came with a fold out 7” W x 12” H spread. The messages were easy to read but the most insightful ones for me were simple one-card draws.

How should I proceed with a cranky household who all needed rest? Amber 3:3 Merkaba which suggested Ground. Shield. Protect. Program the energy body to emit frequencies in alignment with my loving soul.

And the answer to the yearning for something I’ve never known? Aqua 11:11 Mission Accomplished, Welcome Home. It’s right here. Right now. Welcome to the path and the destination. Bottom of the deck?  A life lesson from Slate 3:3 Trust – Ask. Listen. Allow.

Thinking back to the time as I first shuffled the deck, why does none of this surprise me? I’ll simply allow it, keep my eyes open, and see where this winding and wonderful path leads.

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