The Yarn Tarot

Deck Name: Yarn Tarot
Creator(s): Illustrated by Katie Ponder
Publisher & Year: Sixth&Spring books, 2021
Availability: Sixth&Spring and at
Instagram: @katieponderillustration @sixthandspringbooks

Yarn Tarot – for Crocheter, Knitters, Spinner, and Weavers 

Confession/Disclaimer: I am neither a crocheter nor a knitter. I have, however, been adjacent to this art my whole life, with a Grandmother and Great Auntie who knit me beautiful things as a child. Later on my Mother-in-Law and her Sister would knit and crochet gorgeous pieces for the kids, me, and the whole family. My own Mother still knits me gorgeous wool socks almost every winter. All this to say my appreciation for this art runs deep. As tarot readers, regardless of your proximity to knitting, we are collectively spinners and weavers of tarot stories and guidance given if you will. Somehow, tarot and knitting go hand in hand, even if you are not handy with yarn and crochet hooks. This very well may be the pairing we didn’t know we needed.

The Particulars 

The deck ticks all of the boxes in terms of quality. These standard sized cards come in the kind of packaging where the outer box slides off to reveal another box in which the deck is contained. The second box underneath is cleverly adorned with crochet and knitting needles, spools of thread, and a woven pentacle.

The card stock is also sturdy, yet can easily be riffle shuffled. If you over-hand shuffle it makes that lovely “chhh chhh chhh” sound, which is the glorious intonation of (I’m guessing) at least 300 gsm, possibly higher. Also included is a 72-page hard cover instruction guide that contains spreads, tips for reading and upright and reversed card descriptions. 


Art and Other Observations 

Katie Ponder’s artwork for Yarn Tarot has an art deco style feel about it, but it is the warm colors and matte tones that bring it to life. This immediately made me feel nostalgic for the elders in my life who have carried on this craft. I would see all of these colors at my parent’s home, the skeins of yarn displayed in dark wooden boxes against the wall, color coded of course. Throughout the deck there is the most clever use of all of the knitting accessories and their creations. One of my favorite cards is the 10 of Cups, as it shows off the whole color palette. Another favorite is the Death card where Death rides in with a woven black flag with white, 5-leaf clover, a ball of yarn that dropped out of the hand and rolled away accentuating the reaction to seeing Death. Or the 8 of Wands with 8 hooks all pointed in the same direction, asking us to get laser focused on creating and to use our tools to please move it along now. Finally, The World, complete with crochet hooks in each hand (substituting the standard RWS batons), wrapped in the coziest scarf, and protected by a circle of cushy balls of yarn.

Deck Interview 

To wrap up the review, it seemed only courteous that their voice be heard, too, and so here is what Yarn Tarot had to say:

Tell me about yourself: The Empress
I am nurturing and a creatrix, and believe that love and abundance shape our worlds.

What are your strengths: The Fool
Thinking about a new project? Ready to take a leap of faith? Need a fresh start? Consult me, I’ve got you.

What are your weaknesses?: 4 of Swords
If you are stressed, worn out, or experiencing illness, you may want to wait a minute to consult me until you’re feeling a bit more up to it.

What are you here to teach us?: 7 of Swords
Thinking ahead and strategy so that you can protect what is yours.

What is the best way to collaborate with you?: 8 of Swords
Be ready to address why you might be stuck in any given situation. There is a way out, and I can help you find it if you let me. Just stay open.

What types of readings do you prefer?: Queen of Wands
I’m up for anything related to creative expression and passion. Just know what you want to ask beforehand and we’ll make it happen.