Deck Name: Soul Connection Cards
Creator(s): Megan Kindred with designs by Nada Orlic
Publisher & Year: Indie 2020

Overview: The Soul Connection Cards were created by Megan Kindred, a spiritual life coach and reiki practitioner. The intention of the Soul Connection Cards is to help you integrate your personal journey into the divinational power of oracle cards. Nada Orlic is the graphic designer responsible for the gorgeous digital collage work of the 52 cards which makes up this deck. The imagery seems to come from an ethereal realm and feels like fantastical scenes from the lyrics of an 80’s power ballad. The 400 gsm cardstock for this deck is thick,matte and edges in shiny gold foil. The large format of the 3.5” x 5” cards allows the reader to see the full detail of each image. The deck and its 152 page guidebook fit neatly into a sturdy two-part box.

Experience: When I untied the red bow that surrounded my review copy of the Soul Connection Cards and unwrapped the shrink wrap protecting the box and deck I was struck by the texture of the cardstock and how smoothly the cards glided so nicely across my table. Once I finally laid my eyes on the images I was overwhelmed by the richness of the colors and the intense saturation of the images. Instinctively, I took a deep, centering breath allowing me to place myself in a somewhat meditative state. Immediately, I was aware of my presence in this space and time but somehow I was simultaneously able to transport myself into the images which allowed me to connect with my own intuition.

While this deck comes with a fully realized guidebook, I found that reading with these cards came easily and effortlessly. The keywords are clear and recognizable concepts that carry a personal meaning for each user and this simple, yet effective feature, allows you to tie your own personal experiences to this deck. With that being said, Megan made sure to include simple and relatable meanings in the guidebooks. The card definitions are positive with the type of advice that you would seek from a life coach. Each person who uses this deck has the opportunity to enjoy a powerful and deep connection to their readings. As with most oracle decks the potential for practical uses is infinite but I think this deck has a real potential for healing. Many people look for darker decks while doing shadow work but it can be intimidating or triggering for people with serious traumatic experiences. I feel like the Soul Connection Cards can shine as a less intense deck to use for shadow work while dealing with traumatic situations. Because the majority of people in the  Soul Connection Cards are female presenting, I find the deck has a strong maternal energy. For people seeking a strong feminine energy in their readings this deck is a nice option. 

Likes and Dislikes: One of the things I really appreciate about this deck is the fact that the keywords are clearly formatted within a banner which coordinates with the overall color scheme of each card. The cards are also numbered which makes it easy to find their corresponding pages in the table of contents within the guidebook. While I feel the feminie energy of this deck is useful, I do wish there was a little more balance within the feminie and masculine spectrum. There are images of women who look to be warriors but I think I would have liked a little more energy that might highlight unconventional dimensions of femininity which may lean a bit more toward masculine gender norms. Regardless, I really enjoy the composition of the images and use of color temperature informs the overall energy of each card.

Real World Representation: The Soul Connection Cards has a lot of images of beautiful women and there are a couple of images of women with different ethnicities but it is overwhelmingly  young, thin, white, abled body, women. This means there is some room for improvement in any future editions or additional decks. I’d love to see more mother and crone energy infused into this deck as well as less traditional feminine gender roles as previously stated. I’d also suggest that in any future editions or additional decks that there is careful consideration with the concentration of who is representing some of the less than positive terms and how the cultural histories of the people representing those keywords may play into how they are received by the users.  

Conclusion: I find this deck to be mesmerizing in its beauty. The archetypes of many images feel like goddess archetypes but there are also images of women who look like average women. The Soul Connection Cards is an oracle deck that can be used for daily draws, journaling, pathworking, and as mentioned previously, shadow work. This means the versatility of this deck is wide and therefore a wise investment for those with limited space in their deck collections.