Deck Name: Superlunaris Tarot
Creator: Jess Schuler and Jacob Schaffe
Published: Indie
Instagram: @superlunaristarot

The last month of 2020 was a challenging one, especially for our USPS employees. In the days following the Christmas holiday it seemed like every single deck that I had been expecting showed up in a three-day span. It was overwhelming. The Superlunaris Tarot was one of the 20 or so that arrived during that time. Typically, there are 1-3 decks on my table at any given moment to review or share or get to know, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to sort these. 

Spoiler alert: I sorted them the way I do everything, one at a time.

So, today I found myself with an empty space in my schedule. I love when that happens because it means that I’ve finished my last project earlier than expected and can be creative. Superlunaris was the next thing to work with. I love learning about a new deck, and I thought that I would write about my process here. This is how I review a deck, how I begin to get to know it.

The first thing I do after I remove all the packaging from a deck is look at the edges. I want to see what’s going on. Are they shiny, already dinged, matte, or plain? Superlunaris has a shiny, rose gold edge that seems sturdy. I’ve slammed them against my table a few times and they’re still perfect. The cards are slick, and I already know based on size and how they weigh in my hand that they’ll shuffle like a dream. They’re a tiny bit stiff, but still, they have that snap sound that I like when I’m shuffling. The backs are blue, and lovely.

Now that they’ve had their first shuffle, I like to look at the first two cards. It’s one of my more feral reading habits. The first two cards here are the 7 of cups and The Fool. This tells me that the minors will speak up more in this deck than the majors. This habit was one of my first, and some days I still look at the first two cards after a shuffle to see how we’ll be speaking to each other that day. Today, SuperLu (my nickname for this deck) is going to speak to me about possibility. I’m ready!

From here I have a decision to make. Do I sort the cards back in order so that I can look through them, or do I continue on getting to know them? I feel like the 7 of cups would encourage me to continue on. So, more shuffling. I’ve done about six more shuffles and that stiff spot in the cards has already softened. I’ve got a few tiny dings in the edges, but I love that look so I’m happy about it. I feel like perfect cards are not used cards, and that I’m building a patina with each shuffle. I’m going to put them through two different spreads. Our “Hello” spread and Mel’s “Stimulus Tarot Spread”. I will tell you that this process usually takes a few days. The shuffling, the reading, the finding spreads to use or just pulling a few cards a day to get a feel for the deck. We’ll start with Mel’s Stimulus spread.

  1. What in your family life needs stimulating? For fucks sake, SuperLu! We’re just getting to know each other and showing up with that 5 of pentacles when everyone in my house is struggling (with school, with still quarantining, with work, with being human right now in this timeline) is a little rude. Accurate, and rude. And, difficult to sit here with this card and this truth and share it. Being human is hard and wanting so much to have somewhere safe to go is so universal right now that it may not feel like what is in our hearts is worthy of discussion. I’ll just tell you, like I tell myself & my loved ones, we are all at this table. We are all worthy of sharing our good, our bad, and sorting through our REAL stuff. Whew. Big stuff.
  2. What area in your love life needs stimulating? Listen. I didn’t open up this deck to get roasted all day. That Hermit mode has been hitting hard for the last several months, and my husband will be working far from home for several more. I need to examine all aspects here. 
  3. What area in your personal life needs stimulating? Yes! This Empress has been pushing me to complete tasks and get my projects birthed into the world. I’ve been relying on that energy to focus and bust through the things I’d created to keep me safe but not fulfilled.
  4. What area in your work life needs stimulating? Direct hit. I need to find my light again, my way forward. I used to KNOW for sure where I was headed, and now that way looks murky. I’m not sure I want it. I need to find the joy in my career again.

I won’t lie. I took a break after that reading. I drank some apple chai tea, gave SuperLu some dirty looks, paced my house, avoided… you know how it is. I found myself looking at the cards, recentering before the next reading.

Some of them are dark; not the content, but the shading. I’ll admit to struggling with that a little. I have terrible eyesight for that sort of thing. What this means is that I’ll only be able to read this deck in excellent lighting, and I prefer it that way. I know it isn’t mysterious, and it totally wrecks a mood, but I love a well-lit space. I set aside the cards that spoke the loudest to me from the first half of the deck. Typically, I would go through the whole deck, find all the cards, then sort through those to choose the most cards I possibly can, to fit into a review.

These are my first-round picks.

I put them all back together, shuffle a few times, and begin the Hello spread. This is a spread I use often, and finally made a graphic for last year. Each question is answered from the perspective of the deck you’re using.

  1. Introduce yourself, what card best describes your flow? Strength, I am here to keep your beast in proper perspective, to remind you that you are feral and fierce and discerning.
  2. What kind of work do you want to do together? Four of Swords, I am here to teach you to be still and silent and to listen. To look at all the sharp points and flat edges before you make a move.
  3. What are some things that might be surprising about you? Three of Wands, I am seeing all I had hoped to become, finally becoming. 
  4. How do you feel about doing the heavy work? King of Pentacles, I was born for the heavy lifting, patient waiting, and lush abundance of questions and messages needing redirection. I am ready.
  5. How do you feel about working with other decks? King of Cups, I am here with all the compassion of a boundless sea. I am good with working as an equal, but not where I lose my voice. The sea and the sand are clearly working together while retaining their independence. I am the sea.
  6. What does our relationship look like as we work together? Justice, together we see clearly, speak truth, and find balance.

I feel like I would have been better prepared to do that Stimulus Tarot reading had I done this one first. So, now that I’ve got some reading under my belt, it’s time to check my energy. In this stage I typically read through the kickstarter for a deck (when applicable) and the creators website. I know already who this deck is to me, and how we will work together, but I want to know what the creators intended when they made their deck babies.

While reading through the Superlunaris kickstarter, I find that the creators are partners and the first thing I read on their campaign page is: A luminous and expressive reworking of the Rider-Waite-Smith system with an energy and life force of its own. Good grief. This isn’t the first time I’m feeling like I do my reviews backwards, but I also know how much I appreciate forming my own opinion before learning about everything else.

After reading through the website and the kickstarter, and doing a bit of Instagram peeking, this is when I’d begin writing the review. 

It is important to note that while writing a review, I never-ever read other reviews of the deck. And, this time I did. Havana’s review on our Instagram account was excellent. After reading her review I felt stumped. How could I possibly write anything that measured up? Between the date of her review and the date I am completing this one, there have been 23 days. Many of them were filled with attempts to come back and write this review, several others were filled with difficult family/health stuff. I wondered how to finish a review not written all at once. And, I took a break. I stepped back from the review.

This morning, a few weeks after I wrote that last paragraph, I sat with my coffee and my husband, the stillness of a rainy Saturday, and came back to this. My world is heavy with fear and the overwhelming bigness of it all. I forget sometimes that the place I will always be able to turn to is my cards. And, so we’ll shuffle together one more time for this review. And, I’ll ask Superlunaris to map a path forward, to show me the guideposts that are the most important in my immediate journey.

The Emperor reminds me that despite the swirling chaos and sensitive heart inside me, the outer calm I need will strengthen me. Eventually inner and outer will merge, so says Temperance, and it’s a process. The most important guidepost now, the thing I need to fix my gaze on is my child, to help us both find our way through. I forget so often that even though I do not have this big support network outside of my home, I have the team inside of it. We may be small, but we are mighty.

My experience with the Superlunaris Tarot is that it lends itself to a firm kindness through its images, through its softened edges, and through its messages. It is in its first printing, and you can find yours at