Cosmic Visions Tarot

Deck Name: Cosmic Visions Tarot
Creator(s): Jessica Shackleton
Publisher & Year: Self-Published, 2021

The Cosmic Visions Tarot by Jessica Shackleton is a psychedelic dream come true!

I am always drawn to this style of artwork, but usually shy away from it because it doesn’t quite resonate with me. This deck however definitely hit home! When I first saw it on Kickstarter I did my usual wavering, but then really looked at the cards and immediately backed it. It wasn’t only the artwork, but the creator’s detailed attention and the way they talked about the deck that sold me.

Now that I have the deck in hand, I couldn’t be more thrilled that I was one of the many supporters in its creation. The cards are a perfect cardstock with a beautifully silky finish with a sleek black edging. The colors are wonderfully vibrant and even the font is sexy. The deck comes packaged in an awesome two part box with a gorgeous illustration on the top and some fun surprises inside that make me smile. The included book is written in very real language and provides amazing insight into the cards. It also includes tips on basic care and cleansing of your deck, making this a great deck for beginners as well as seasoned readers alike.

Looking through each card I was faced with why I usually stay away from the psychedelic style. I realized that most things I’ve encountered have more of an element of escapism and seem almost trippy just to be trippy. This deck however is incredibly authentic and depicts the transcendence that can happen in our journeys. When you start to truly connect to the universe beyond our normal human experience it can be a WILD ride for sure!! This deck shows the psychedelic as a tool in the journey to transcendence rather than just a fun escape from the dreary norm.

The cards have a beautiful balance between serious authenticity and a fun playfulness. Yes, there is the depth of the dark and painful that we all know too well, but there is also a lightheartedness that reminds us to not take things too seriously and to try to enjoy the ride. Take The Hierophant –  they are depicted in a solemn meditation as a cosmic being is sharing energy from their mouth to to the Hierophant’s crown chakra. When I first looked at this card, I thought the universe was vomiting into the poor soul, which honestly sometimes feels far too accurate when you connect with your higher self and the greater whole!

The artwork in each card is exquisite, to the point where I want each one as a picture on my wall, a journal cover, and a sweatshirt! The level of detail is amazing too. At first glance, it is simplistic enough to get a good read of the card quickly. But each card also has an amazing depth that adds layers to your reading and understanding of the cards. The insights from the book also add to the journey of getting to know the cards. 

Daughter of Cups – “Now is the time for self expression as the Daughter of Cups embodies flowing creative energy”

The Hierophant – “This card encourages you to see a well-versed source to further your fundamental beliefs in a structured way”

Seven of Pentacles – “You are reminded that the energy that you put towards planning long term goals is not time wasted”

This deck is a fun and very welcome addition to my growing collection. I’ve been needing a good light hearted deck that still takes things seriously. This deck fully embodies the concept of serious play which I recently stumbled upon. It speaks to having fun in life and taking things with a grain of salt but in a balanced and serious manner. It’s trying things out with the lightfootedness of the Fool but also learning your lessons as seriously as the King of Pentacles. It’s giving yourself the permission to try, to fail, and to get back up and try again with a laugh. This concept resonated very deeply in me and has already truly changed my life. I never thought to imagine I would find it so easily depicted in a tarot deck and couldn’t be happier!