Deck Name:  White Owl Mystic Arcana Oracle Deck
Creator: White Owl Mystic
Publisher: Self-published
Instagram: @whiteowlmystic
Where to buy: Etsy

Normally, I’m not a fan of collage art. Many art pieces of this genre feel haphazardly assembled to me. Due to its limitation in relying on pre-existing images, some pictures are poor in quality and the end results can feel forced together. 

Thankfully, the White Owl Mystic Arcana collage oracle deck possesses none of these flaws. Here, every image is carefully catered to provide both taste and symbolism. High quality black and white images are skillfully layered with the most pleasing colour palettes. Everything blends seamlessly into one coherent and visually appealing whole. 

The images are simple, graceful and glamourous all at the same time. Many of the subjects depicted are adorned with birds and flowers, lending the deck an aura of gentle yet powerful femininity. Sensuality exudes from many of the people depicted, both male and female. Everyone expresses their sensuality in their own way. The mermaid in Pieces is alluring and seductive while Venus reveals a quiet contentment that needs no validation. Her sensuality and sexuality is expressed for expression’s sake and exists in all its glory and beauty even if no one is watching. 

This 54 cards deck can be divided into six categories:

2 basic energies

5 elemental energies

12 zodiacs

9 planets (the moon is its own category)

16 moons

10 personal meaning

I love the way the zodiacs and planets are personified. Each model’s facial expression and posture is a perfect expression of the essence of the celestial body they represent. My favourite card in this arcana is Scorpio, represented by a dark haired woman crowned with roses and sitting confidently with an arm resting upon a crystal skull. I feel like she sees me for who I am – the things that I am proud of as well as the things I want to bury. If I find her intimidating, it’s because she forces me to look inside myself and deal with all those shadows that refuse to stay locked up. 

Sagittarius reminds me of James Dean – except this time, he’s a rebel with a cause. Standing on a large crystal and looking out into the distance, he reminds me of the tarot Fool who believes that anything is possible. Holding his bow, he also reminds me of the saying, ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’

The 16 moon cards include one moon for each month, plus a blue moon as well as Mother, Maiden and Crone. These cards are romantic and mesmerizing. Meditating upon them, I get the same feelings of awe as when I’m looking up at the night sky. I can feel the energy of each moon. April is bursting with love, August is a time for gratitude and November is a time to prepare for our journey into the dark. 

The personal meaning cards are a collection of ideas that ranges from sacred geometry to strong feminine archetypes. Looking at the Flower of Life, I am amazed and impressed by how much inspiration can come from such a simple image of butterflies flying past this ring of circles. It triggers contemplation about nature’s elegant design. I see the perfection and ability for ascension inherited in all living beings. 

 The four female archetypes in this arcana are my favourite cards in this deck because every one of them speaks to the very core of my being. These cards are Guardian, Siren, Warrior, and Priestess. All four figures are women crowned with animal heads. 

Guardian is portrayed as a woman with a black sheep’s head and holding a mask. To me, this represents the sacredness of our authentic selves that must be cherished and nurtured. So often, we are tempted to put on masks to fit in. But just as we learn how to put on masks, we must also learn how to take it off.

The Siren is a woman with a fox head wearing a pink sequin dress. To me, this is a perfect fit. I’m of Chinese origin and, in Chinese folklore, the fox demon is akin to sirens in western myths. They are abhorred for stealing men’s souls by tricking them with their beauties. Here, the Siren is in a confidently flirtatious pose. I see this as women reclaiming our sexuality and refusing to be condemned. 

The Warrior is another perfect animal pairing. I love how it’s depicted as a rabbit instead of an animal more traditionally associated with strength, like lions or bears. As most people think of rabbits as being cute little creatures, using this animal as a symbol for the Warrior shows us that there is more than one way to be strong. 

Last but not least, is the Priestess. This is my favourite card in this deck. Presented as a witch with a cat’s head, this image expresses everything that I aspire to become – yes, a cat lady!

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