Deck Name: 7starot
Creator(s): 7starot
Publisher & Year: Self Published, 2020
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This year I’ve been really deep diving into the patterns of pip decks, so when the 7starot landed in my lap for review I was delighted to look at these cards with that type of lens. Much like Marseille, 7starot can be read simply by the rhythm and flow of the patterns created from card to card, and by tapping into the colors that come forward in the reading. This deck invites you to release everything you know about tarot and open your eyes with a fresh perspective.

Favorite Cards

While flipping through the deck for the first time, I was really captured by the Major Arcana and the symbols passing through my fingers. From the circle on the Hermit card that reminds me of the glow of their lantern or the double bullseye circles on the Chariot that remind me of the wheels of the vehicle, I was easily able to tap into those archetypes with ease and let them take on a life of their own.

I also very much love the Cups suit in this deck, they are empty circles which feel like empty vessels. They hold emotion in these little spaces, some have housing for heavier emotion while others are very few. This is when I put on my Marseille mindset and look at the patterns to see if they grow in number or lessen. Where the Cups are empty, the Wands are full. They are full of energy and fuel to move forward.

Card Imagery

Don’t let this minimalist deck fool you, just because the cards seem very clean and simple, they pack more than you would think! It’s all about how you connect with these symbols, almost like a Rorschach Test.

The colors in this deck pop against a black background. Each border matches the color of the suit, they are as follows: Majors are purple and blue (The World is all black with rainbow), Wands are red, Cups are orange, Swords are yellow, and Coins are green. The colors are associated with the Chakras, so that can also be used in your interpretations.

Each suit has its own symbol as well, they are as follows: Wands are solid circles, Cups are empty circles, Swords are waxing moons, and the Coins are waning moons. You can find some of these symbols also within the Major Arcana.

The cards are standard size at roughly: 2.75” x 4.75”

Card Stock + Shuffling

The cardstock is a smooth 330gsm finish that shuffled very well. The cards have just the right amount of bend for riffle shuffling and ease when going through your hands.The card backs are bold with just black and a single white dot, I really love this minimalist design a lot.

Guidebook + Packaging

While this deck does not come with a guide, since it is open to interpretation, you can find a small guide on the creators website to get you going (link below).

The packaging is a tuck box with rainbow design that is very simple, yet striking. The deck also came with a folded note tucked into the box.

While I find this deck fun to read with, some may struggle with reading with the cards and it may be tricky for new readers. I find it best to just let the images guide you, keep what feels right and release the rest.