Amenti Oracle

Deck Name: Amenti Oracle – Feather Heart Deck and Guidebook
Written by Jennifer Sodoni
Illustrated by Natalee Miller
Published by Hachette Book Group
Availability: Our Amazon Store

Love at first sight is a concept I don’t necessarily invest a whole lot into because it’s hard for me to fathom how you know “the one” has entered your life at first glance. The Amenti Oracle may have me reconsidering what my idea of “love at first sight” is because from the moment I laid eyes on this deck I was smitten. I couldn’t even tell you what made me take notice and focus in but I do know what I felt the first time I looked at it. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, a tingling sensation crept up and down my spinal cord, and something in my head said, “this is the deck you’ve been waiting for!” If this is what love at first sight feels like with a deck of cards then I am intrigued by what if could feel like with another person.

The Amenti Oracle is a 42-card deck of cards based on the principals of the Laws of Ma’at. Ma’at was a deity of ancient Kemet (Egypt) who governed the laws and ideas of karmic justice. It was believed that upon your death your heart would be placed upon a set of scales and weighed against an ostrich feather. If you could prove that you lived by the 42 Laws of Ma’at by giving an affirmative answer with each law, then it was determined that your heart was free from the burden of guilt, worry, and evilness and you got to enjoy a happy afterlife. If you could not provide an affirmative answer then your soul was devoured by the deity Ammut. It’s really the perfect concept for a set of oracle cards.

Jennifer Sodoni’s Amenti Oracle adopts the ideas of the 42 laws and transforms them into 42 oracle cards. This concept paired with the funky, 80’s, synth-pop, art work of Natalee Miller, makes my heart sing. On the surface this deck seems simple enough however, I’ve had deep experiences with it and I find myself using it in a way I hadn’t anticipated. Initially, my intention was to pull a card, as I would will any other oracle, as an advice card or theme in conjunction with a tarot reading. However, I find myself wanting to pull a card, set it on my altar, and contemplate the affirmation and what it means in my life. For example, today I pulled, “I live in truth.” What does that mean to me? What does that look like in my life? Am I living in truth? Could I do better? Where am I lacking? Other oracle decks don’t leave me my being, existence, and my impact on the world around me the way the Amenti Oracle does which is why I love it. It pushes me and forces me to be a better person through ideals inspired by the laws of Ma’at.

With all the lovely things I have to say about the Amenti Oracle, I do have a few small critiques. I am a bit disappointed to see such a lack of masculinity within this deck. There are so many images of femininity, but as we know, femininity and masculinity are balanced within the universe and I would have appreciated seeing masculine figures. I also wish there were a wider variety of body diversity. While most images represent more average looking people, there is not a lot of representation. The last issue I have is an issue of functionality. I wish the cards were numbered in a way that corresponds to the pages or organization of the guidebook. It is a bit of a nuisance to find the descriptions of each card in the guidebook but finding the descriptions is not difficult. These are all minor issues and taking them into account, I still think the Amenti Oracle is one of the nicest decks I have.

The deck alone is worth the purchase but I must take a moment to express how thoroughly impressed I am with the consideration for the packaging of the Amenti Oracle. Hachette Book Group has taken care to reduce the plastics in the packaging of this deck. My deck did not come wrapped in shrink wrap and I couldn’t be happier with that design choice. The box is hinged with a magnetic closure. Inside of this box you’ll find a compartment that houses the physical deck, which is securely housed in its own paper tuck box. The dimensions of this compartment allow the guidebook to sit perfectly on top, resulting in a sleek and smooth appearance. This package design is my new standard for all mass market decks.

If I were to judge this deck in a competition, I’d have to give it 10’s across the board. Concept, Design, Art, Intention, Functionality, all top marks. Personally, I feel like the Amenti Oracle is one of the best mass market oracle decks of 2019, no wonder it was love at first sight.

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