Oracle Lumi’Air

Deck: Oracle Lumi’Air
Creator: Antoinette Charbonnel
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I started drooling over the Oracle Lumi’ Air the moment I saw a picture of its box cover. The image of a frog resting underneath a mushroom while staring thoughtfully up at the moon is both magical and serene. 

In spite of how much I was drawn to this deck, I was hesitant about it at first because it’s in French, a language I don’t speak. But thankfully, we live in a world rich in technology and one of them is Google Translate. With a few quick scans, I was able to read the guidebook and gain a fair understanding of the creator’s intention. While the translation is definitely not perfect, one of the greatest things about oracle decks is that it allows a lot of room for the user to infuse their own personalities and interpretation so a perfect understanding isn’t necessary. 

Having said that, I’m glad that I was able to find a way to understand the guidebook as it gave me a better understanding of the structure of the deck. It is broken down into two arcanas called White Gold and Yellow Gold. The White Gold arcana are cards denoting the four elements plus the mystery of ether while the Yellow Gold arcana is composed of the chakras, animals, people and places. 

The images in this deck are incredibly diverse both in terms of subjects and styles. Some cards are detailed portraits while others are more like rough sketches of plants drawn casually on a park bench. In fact, it is so diverse that I have trouble classifying it. There’s no one term like ‘nature’ or ‘urban’ that can describe the theme. It also doesn’t fit into one specific artistic style. Yet, at the same time, it doesn’t feel random or disparate because every card is connected through that same sense of magical serenity found on the box of the deck. 

While I can’t define this deck, I feel like this deck defines me. I love the way these cards make me feel. I find it calming, like floating amongst the stars. Every card feels like an aspect of my higher self – it embodies a kind of beauty that I aspire towards. 

Even though I can get love drunk on every card, a few especially stand out for me. 

The first is card 11, The Lion. This is definitely not the first oracle card to portray a lion but it is the first lion that spoke to me. Being a passive and introverted person, I’ve always been envious of the energies of Leo, and never empathized with it. When I meditate with this card, however, I feel like this card is saying to me that, even though I don’t see it, the strength of the lion is somewhere inside me. 

My favourite card in this deck is the Marilyn Monroe card as I am one of the millions of people still captivated by this actress’ beauty. I remember reading her biography in high school and falling in love with her.  While there was a sadness in her smile, she also possessed a freedom that made her admirable and inspiring. That she represents emotions in this deck feels absolutely perfect as images of her can trigger really deep emotions for me.  

In addition to seeing aspects of myself in this deck, I also see the universal journey of the soul. Although this is a collection of the creator’s experiences, I can see my own journey reflected in it. There is some familiarity with these images. I feel like I’ve been to these places and saw these people walk past me a million times on the streets. 

The image on the card backs really sums up the essence of this deck. From blobs of darkness, a single butterfly emerges. It is not afraid, but flies bravely towards an unseen destiny, confident that it will find light and beauty. Such is the journey of life, from darkness towards hope.