Deck Name: Modern Goddess Oracle Deck
Creator(s): Julie Hopkins
Publisher & Year: Self Published 2019


The Modern Goddess Oracle Deck is a 77-card deck created by Julie Hopkins. Julie is the Goddess behind White Witch Academy (formally, Power Within), a website dedicated to helping people discover the magic within their daily lives and within themselves. The 77 cards feature watercolor and ink designs that cover the full spectrum of color and are printed on premium, linen, cardstock with a matte finish. The backs of the cards have a reversible design of a geometric outline of a crystalline structure suspended in a burst of pastel colors and flanked by stars and dot line art. The standard 70mm x 120mm size of these cards combined with the flexible cardstock make this deck quite easy to shuffle but be forewarned the glide of the textured finish makes these cards quite slippery. The deck is accompanied by a large 289-page guidebook that is more book that details every card in black and white reproductions and a multi-functional purple spread cloth with a unique layout that is exclusive to The Modern Goddess Oracle Deck.


When I received The Modern Goddess Oracle Deck I was delighted by the spread cloth, surprised by the size of the guidebook, and squealed over the texture of the cardstock. Working through the guidebook I soon realized that to call this an oracle deck was an understatement and disservice to Julie’s vision and clever design. The deck is more like a portable grimoire and witch’s tool cabinet. There are several decks within the 77 cards that make up this oracle. Each of the cards falls into one of several categories that include magical tools, crystals, herbs, candles, sabbats and more. In addition, there are a set of “power” cards that invoke the power of the four elements, spirit, moon, and your intuition.

The guidebook is one of the best guidebooks I’ve ever seen for an oracle deck. A lot of tarot decks have impressive books that go above and beyond the basic but it isn’t often you see this much effort put into a guidebook for an oracle deck. It begins by giving you a password to access the website for digital goodies that can be used along with the oracle or alone if you choose. It then goes on to explain Julie’s intention for creating this deck, the purpose of Power Within, and the basics of how to use and care for a set of oracle cards. I must give Julie kudos for addressing the basics in a conversational way that isn’t condescending for beginners or those who aren’t used to working with an oracle deck. There is a brief discussion on how to use the spread cloth and several suggestions for simple layouts after which a detailed description of each card follows. You are able to gain a lot of useful knowledge and information regarding basic witchcraft principles and customs as well as a suggestion for how to invite the energy of each card into your practical life as a simple and easy to work spell that utilizes other cards from the deck in lieu of crystals, oils, candles or other tools.

Likes and Dislikes:

The structure and system of the Modern Witch Oracle Deck makes this perfectly suited for someone who wants to dip their toe into witchcraft without a heavy financial commitment. It can take lots of money and time to assemble an apothecary of herbs and oils, a collection of crystals, and the essential tools needed to perform most spells. With this deck you have the tools at hand and while they may be ink printed on paper, you have the advantage of developing your energy work before you commit to the next level. That potential and convenience is my favorite thing about this deck. I also really liked the spread cloth despite the fact I don’t typically use spread cloths because it is multi-functional. It features many different spreads and ways to use it. There isn’t much I dislike about this deck if there is anything at all. The only issue I have is that the finish of these cards makes them very slippery. Every time I’ve used this deck my cards have decided to slip and slide right off my table. To be honest, it makes me laugh each time and question if the deck has a mind of its own.

Real World Representation:

Real world representation isn’t much of an issue with this deck because there are not any people featured with exception of a set of hands and close view of a set of eyes. This is another reason why I love it. While I prefer representation in ALL decks, I don’t mind the lack of human figures because this deck is meant to be about YOU and YOUR personal magic and the power you have within yourself. Most of the witchcraft presented in this deck is based in more European customs and traditions however inspiration from other global influences can be seen as well.


This is a thoughtfully designed and created piece of magic. As I mentioned before, this deck has so many uses. I know the cost of indie decks has risen over the last year but I must point out that with The Modern Witch Oracle you really get your money’s worth. Julie is also currently working a full tarot deck to be released in the future. For more information about both decks please visit: