Deck: Whispers of the Soul Oracle
Created by Katie Rose Jones
Availability: Etsy

I don’t own too many oracle decks. The ones I do own, I don’t use often. For the most part, I value them for their beauty more than their ability for spiritual guidance. I find the messages between different decks very similar – positive and reassuring. While I do need that every now and then, I need more from my cards. 

I need my cards to be honest with me. Don’t just tell me that everything’s going to be okay. Don’t just remind me I’m beautiful. Tell me what I am doing wrong so I can make things right. Tell me how my pettiness and tendencies to hold grudges are overshadowing my beauty and strength. 

This is why I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself drawn to Whispers of the Soul. Each card depicts white (and a few black) silhouettes against a coloured background, a keyword and a short description. Even though it is so minimalistic and the messages aren’t unique to this deck, it doesn’t feel generic. 

In fact, the title, Whispers of the Soul, is a perfect name for this deck. I feel like these cards speak directly to my soul. Their simple images are like a gentle summer breeze grazing across my field of memories. They make me feel nostalgic, peaceful, and help me remember all the things I am grateful for. 

It reminds me of the feeling I get when I press my face into the soft plush of my favourite stuffed animal, watching Boy Meets World with my sisters, the anticipation of the days leading up to our family day trip to the amusement park, and the many forgotten moments of childhood. 

The card, Balance, is probably my favourite card in the deck. The message on the card reads “A need to find a balance. Uneasy situation around you. Find your inner child. Let creativity flow. Stop judging yourself and others.” 

The image of a child sitting by herself on a teeter totter is difficult for me because I see myself in that little girl. I’ve always felt alone and an image of a girl sitting by herself on a playground toy for two is a perfect visual summary of that feeling. This card resurfaces all those feelings of loneliness and all those years of waiting for childhood to be over so that I can leave the city where I’ve always felt like an outsider. It’s a beautiful card but also painful to behold. Yet, I am incredibly drawn to it because, deep down, I know that this pain is where the healing begins. 

The Protection card speaks to another aspect of my soul. Whereas Balance was a hard message to receive, Protection is encouraging. A central cactus glows brightly against the backdrop of an orange desert. I can practically feel the warmth it emits. Meditating on this card, I feel a sense of awe and reverence. 

I am reminded that our souls choose to reincarnate into matter so that we can learn to evolve. The process is long and filled with obstacles. But like a cactus in the desert, we are given the necessary tools to not only survive but thrive. 

This is an important reminder for me because I’m one of those people who can fixate on how hard life can be instead of what I can do to improve my situation. This card teaches that being protected doesn’t mean being sheltered from all the hardships of life. The best way to protect others is to provide them with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves. Teach them how to be strong. Contemplating this lesson helps me steer myself away from self-pity and towards gratitude as well as faith that I have what it takes to rise above my fears, doubts and anxiety. 

Through working with this deck, I can see more clearly where I am on my spiritual path. I am urged to face the parts of myself that I’m trying to run away from. It shows me that I have the power to confront my demons and also the potential outcomes. 

The Blossom card, with an encircled lotus, speaks about enlightenment. I ponder upon its message, which is that if I diligently work on myself, perhaps one day, I will no longer be attached to my past traumas. From this meditation, I realize that my idea of enlightenment is to be truly at peace with myself. 

I believe that every deck I connect with teaches me about an aspect of myself. Each deck helps me integrate an abandoned part of my soul back with Spirit. For me, Whispers of the Soul is for inner child work. As my inner child is filled with loneliness and fear, it is here to show me love and strength.

Whispers of the Soul possesses both inner and outer beauty. Its presentation is as gorgeous as its messages. It is printed in thick card stock that shuffles and spreads out well. It comes in a two-piece box and a little guidebook that elaborates upon the messages on the cards themselves. I really enjoy the explanation of the symbolisms behind each image.