Deck Name: Witch’s Oracle
Creator(s): Stephanie Keir
Publisher & Year: Self Published, 2019
Reviewer: Jess Rollar

As a fan of small decks that can be easily stashed in your bag or car, I fell in love with the Witch’s Oracle by Stephanie Keir quite quickly! This was a deck that peaked my curiosity and caught me by surprise, in the best way possible.

Stephanie is not only the creator of the Witch’s Oracle but also the Oracle of the Wild, both pocket decks. However, the Witch’s Oracle was the one that resonated the most with me!

The cards are small at roughly: 2” x 3.5”


With only 33 cards in the deck, it was easy to pick out some favorites but I was more drawn to two sets of cards in this deck. The moon phases were an instant connection for me. There are four moon phases cards: New Moon, Waxing, Full, and Waning Moon. I love it when decks contain these since I work with the moon in my own practice, so often times I leave these out on my altar or working table.

I also really love the “art” cards that are mixed in this deck. There are three of these that stand out from the rest of the deck and have no borders. They are striking and my intuition really picked up on them when in a reading. Each time one showed up for me, it hit the nail on the head with how I was feeling or trying to express myself.


This deck connected quite quickly for me after the first reading. The reading was meant to be something light but it ended up calling me out and hit me like a ton of bricks. The cards are very direct without needing to reference a booklet. Most of the cards feature a border of eyes and all cards contain a color palette of purples and blues with a hint of pale blue that jumps off the cards. I love the colors of this deck so much!

Several cards contain small phrases or keywords, while others are just the title of each card like “intuition” or “Witch”. Then we have the three “art” cards that stand out from the rest of the cards with no words on them at all. The theme of the deck is witches and all things magic. The card backs feature an eye, which I love!


Being a small deck, it can be a bit tricky to shuffle but I had no issues with overhand shuffling the cards. The cardstock is a 305gsm and slightly glossy, but not overly done. The light gloss really makes the imagery pop!

I can tell these cards will take a lot of use quite well. They feel thick enough to handle a lot of hands, but also still thin enough for nice shuffling.


The Witch’s Oracle didn’t come with a guidebook but honestly, I don’t think it needs one since the cards pretty much speak for themselves quite easily and they interact with one another quite nicely. The deck does come in a nice, solid tin! I am a huge fan of tins for decks so I was delighted to see this deck come in one. This is easily a deck that can be thrown in your bag or car without worrying about damage.


I was really impressed with this little deck! I went into it not knowing anything about the deck and took a chance, I’m glad I did. If you like to pair up oracle and tarot cards, this little deck mixes well!

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