IDR Reads in Public – Divination Station

An interview with Liz of Divination Station by Bear Cozzemera

Featuring the Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road

Liz is the owner and card reader behind Divination Station. She teaches classes on many topics including: astrology, learning the tarot, delving deeper into tarot vocabulary, and more. Liz also does private readings, events, parties, and talks tarot at venues of all sorts. We asked her some questions about her practice, and specifically reading cards in public spaces. 

IDR: How did you start your personal journey with tarot and/or oracle decks?

Liz: I started when I was in high school, around 1993/4. I got Tarot of the Cat People at a mall bookstore. There were fewer witchy shops then, and it was before the internet. I was interested in Wicca and witchcraft from movies like The Craft, like many other baby witches in the 90s. I don’t remember where I got the RWS deck I use now, but I know I have had it since the late 90s. I do most of my readings with it, I call it Old Faithful.  I picked up and put down the cards a few times.  Started studying again a few years ago to reclaim my own space/time. 

IDR: Can you speak to the current nature of that relationship? Are you a casual reader? Committed cardslinger? Are you a deck creator? Is it something you do as part of a business?

L: I would say I am a committed cardslinger, I do have a business, Divination Station. I do public events, private parties, teach classes, and see people for individual appointments.  I pull cards for myself daily, and am always doing work with the cards for DS (Divination Station). 

IDR: How did you start reading tarot and/or oracle cards in public spaces? Can you describe what it felt like the first few times you revealed that aspect of yourself in public?

L: One of my first paying clients was at Perks at Horsefeathers. I have always brought cards out in public, and have never thought too much of it. 

IDR: How might your feelings towards reading in public have changed or shifted or evolved over time?

L: I read more often in public, either at events or for myself when I am out and about. I am more confident about it, and always have business cards for people that are curious.  

IDR: Do you use different decks depending on where you’re reading? Why? What is your favorite deck to use in public?

L: I use my RWS for most of my events and appointments.  I am always working in getting in touch with new decks.  When I know I am going to be out for coffee or brunch I will grab different decks, I do a reading and post pics while tagging the venue.  

IDR: Where is your favorite place to read in public? Why?

L: Other than the public events (psychic fairs, health and wellness fairs, etc) I love to read at coffee shops and on the weekend during brunch. I love pulling cards during brunch because brunch is overall a relaxing time with friends and I can pull cards for them or myself. I often take pics and take the venue too. That gives them visibility and gives tarot visibility! Most places will like the pic in return, and that can start a conversation with them.  

IDR: What is your favorite part of reading in public spaces?

L: I love the conversations that start. People see me reading and often have questions. If they are hesitant, I give them one of my cards; either my business card or a deck that I have that I’ll put my stickers on. That tarot card is not only my business card, but also gives me an opportunity to give them a little mini read with that card. The cool thing about that is they usually resonate with that mini reading! Then they have a good experience attached to tarot. 

IDR: What are some difficult or problematic aspects of reading in public?

L: Not everyone is in accordance with tarot/occult/divination/overall witchiness. I have had people talk to me about the Bible and the passages that are against divination. I still smile at them and thank them for their concern, and remind them I am practicing my free will given to me by the Divine Spirit. On a more logistical level, sometimes venues can be loud and I cannot hear.  This is why I have not ventured into open readings at bars.  

IDR: What tips or suggestions do you have for someone interested in reading cards in public? How might they prepare mentally, physically, or emotionally?

L: Know their venue/event/audience.  If you are reading at a psychic fair, you won’t have to sell someone on getting a reading, but you have to be confident why they would get a reading from YOU.  At a wider variety vendor event, you have to be open and warm and draw people to your energy, and possibly explain why they want a reading from you.  You have to prepare yourself to be in a sea of human emotions, and take measures to protect yourself from getting drained too quickly.  I can set my internal intention to have that mental fortitude for the duration of the event.  Physically, make sure you have a comfortable chair and plenty of water.  Have a quick snack available. You need to stay hydrated and keep your energy up. I also wear black tourmaline at all events.  This protects my energy and protects me from other’s energy.  Grounding and meditation also help before and after. 

IDR: Please share any additional information you have regarding your experience reading tarot and/or oracle cards in public spaces.

L: Do it! I love seeing people reading! If you are in the Buffalo, NY area and I see you out reading, there is a good chance I will talk to you! I love meeting local people and talking tarot/spirituality/occult.  

Thank you Liz for sharing such helpful information about reading tarot cards in public. We appreciate your positive attitude and dedication to your craft. Find Liz on Instagram at: divination_station.