Ameo Deck

Deck Name: AMEO Deck
Creator(s): AMEO Deck
Publisher & Year: Self Published, 2019
Availability: The AMEO deck
NOTE: Featured image includes the book, Astrology for Real Life by Theresa Reed. This book is not included with the deck but was used by the reviewer while working with the AMEO Deck. The book can be found here

I’m a huge lover of study guides and tools to use in order to help me soak in the information in a more efficient way, so when I was given the opportunity to review the Ameo Deck it was an easy, YES! The Ameo Deck is an astrology student deck to help you learn and get to know the language of astrology. The deck name, Ameo, actually stands for Astrology Magick Études (French for study) Oracle!

This deck has been a key tool that I keep going back to when trying to understand a certain aspect or planet, not to mention it’s absolutely gorgeous!

The cards are standard size at roughly: 2.75” x 4.75”


I may be a bit biased, but I decided to pick my own signs for this one!

GEMINI // Keywords on the card: explore, learn, experiment, share, and communicate. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, it’s my Sun sign and also the sign my Mercury is in. I also have Mars, Chiron and the North Node in Gemini on my chart… this may explain a lot as to why I’m so up in my head and always changing directions!

SCORPIO // Keywords on the card: get to the bottom of things, affirm your power, transform. My Moon is in Scorpio and I connect with this aspect deeply. It’s the only Scorpio on my chart!

CANCER  // Keywords on the card: connect to your roots, explore your inside world. My Rising Sign is in Cancer, also the only Cancer on my chart. Cancer is one sign that I have yet to really dive deep into, I should though since our Rising Sign is pretty important!


The imagery of this deck is what makes it a perfect study companion with astrology. The cards are all the same shades of pink, and all feature double moon card backs in shades of blue. Each card features a very clean illustration consisting of a symbol, the title (or name) and a few keywords associated with each card. There are 8 groups of cards contained in this deck: Zodiac Signs, Planets, Houses, Aspects, Elements, Polarities, Qualities, and one small group of misc (retrograde, Lucky Card, North/South Node, Black Moon, and Chiron). Also included are 6 quick reference cards and 5 spread idea cards. I wasn’t kidding when I said this was a great study tool!

The imagery is very clean and clear, easy to read and understand. I love using the extra reference cards when working with one of my astrology books, it’s nice to have a little handy guide to pull out when needed or for quick referencing. These cards are as follows: Rulerships, Detriments, Exaltations, Falls, Elementals, and Qualities. I can tell that this was a very well thought out deck!

One of my favorite things to do with this deck is to lay down transits for the day or a transit I’m trying to understand. I will pull out the planet cards I need, along with the sign they are in and the aspect I’m dealing with. It’s really neat to see them laid out like this, you could do your entire natal chart!

Example below is the New Moon in Libra Sextile to my natal Jupiter in Sagittarius.


I love, love, love this card stock! It’s a 350gsm with a matte finish and feels so soft to the touch, perfect thickness that will hold up over time with lots of use. I was quite impressed when I took them out to use for the first time.

While I don’t really shuffle this deck in general, I typically pull the cards I need as I go, but since it doubles as an oracle deck it does indeed shuffle like butter. It’s smooth and handles so nicely!


The Ameo Deck does not come with a guidebook and honestly, I don’t think it needed one. With the amount of extra cards and keywords, the deck itself acts as its own guidebook. I’ve been pairing it up with all my astrology books and it works great!

I really love the packaging of this deck. It arrived in a rigid two-part box that stores the cards perfectly. I’ve tossed this deck in my bag many times and it didn’t pop open, always a good sign!


There are a few astrology decks on the market these days, they seem to be popping up more and more (which I love)! If you’re looking for a very thorough study deck, I highly suggest the Ameo Deck! It’s a great study companion and works great as a visual aid to see things more clearly.

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