Our community was recently introduced to Liminal 11. A small, independent publisher located in the United Kingdom. We were pretty lucky to get our hands on a sampling of their catalog.

We are not only working with the Luna Sol Tarot, but also their colouring book and some of their mini books. Let me just say that while the deck is full of substance and diversity, the books are candy. Delicious, yummy, candy! I’ve read them so many times, snapped quick pictures and sent them to my kids, and spent hours just looking through this gorgeous colouring book.

Some of their first offerings.

I love a good candy book. That’s what I call those tasty little books that you can read in minutes and spend the rest of your life going back to. I tend to carry these two in my purse. Mini Meditations on Creativity by Tillie Walden is full of things meant to light that spark in us. I read it (again) before writing this review. The quotes and images are perfectly curated here, and it’s a lovely book. However, the Mini Meditations on Joy by Adam and Lisa Murphy has been my go-to constant companion during this last election season. A quick reminder that joy is attainable in moments if I choose to grab it (right out of my purse sometimes). I think the quote here by Audre Lorde has helped me through the most.

“I am still learning – how to take joy in all the people I am, how to use me selves in the service of what I believe, how to accept when I fail and rejoice when I succeed.”

Women, Patterns, and Plants by Sarina Mantle is just lovely. Have I said that already? Because it is. The entire thing is lovely. The intent (a self care colouring book), the drawings, the thick lines, the quality of the paper, the size it is. I just want to spend hours with my pencils and my markers colouring it all in. I am an adult colorer, and I love it. It relaxes me, it lets my mind wander. I’m always excited to see what will come out of a coloring session, and the prompts scattered throughout this book are a helpful guide when you want a more meditative coloring session

When I first began following the progress of the Luna Sol I was a bit late to the party. I found it just before it went on presale, and I jumped the moment that sale went live. I was worried that the pastels would make my eyes cross, but the colors are lost when I dive into these images. There’s just so much to see, so much I recognize. The pastels have grown on me. I enjoy the movement in each card, the diversity. Mike Medaglia created this deck to be positive, and it is, but he hasn’t scrimped on the more difficult cards.

The five of swords is so sweet and still shows the bloodiness of a battle of words. The eight of swords is lovely to look at and still highlights the feelings of being trapped. My personal favorite in this deck is a first for me. The four of swords show us how holding on to too much keeps us from where we want to be. I appreciate a fair amount of sass in my tarot decks.

I like to use this deck for festival style readings. It isn’t scary to newcomers and offers several new perspectives to experienced readers. I’ve spent an equal amount of time looking through this deck as I have reading with it. You can find the Luna Sol, as well as their wonderful books, at https://liminal11.com

Their catalog includes the products featured here, as well as more books, a calendar, a blog, and upcoming projects. Next year they plan to release the Modern Witch Tarot.

You can find them here: http://www.liminal11.com

American Customers can find their products through their favorite bookstores through their new distribution partnership with Sterling Publishing